New Art

When I Saw You


When I Saw You – 11 x 4 inch mixed media painting on stretched canvas (SOLD, thank you!)

My newest portrait was completed for a class I am taking this year, all about faces! This is the third year I have taken Let’s Face It, and I learn so much from all the fabulous teachers! Leo-Vinh Beauvois was our teacher for this lesson. This angle of the face was not without its challenges, but I did learn so much from sticking with it. I used paper napkins as collage…those are the flowers. I then painted over parts of them, to integrate them into the painting. Since the flowers had that beautiful red and yellow in them, I incorporated that into the background. It made for quite a dramatic portrait, don’t you think?

This painting sold hours after I listed her in my Etsy shop. I am so happy to be sending her to her new home.