Hello and Welcome!

My name is Roberta Schmidt, but my nickname is Lucy, a name my Dad gave me when I was a little girl. I am an artist, photographer, poet, gardener, hummer of tunes, lover of castles (and dark chocolate with sea salt!).


I am excited to be painting something that sparks my love of color and imagination. Acrylic is my medium of choice, and I paint colorful pieces that make me happy.

I hope you love them too!


My newest pieces are created from my deep love of color, “dancing brushstrokes”, and the freedom to create from my heart.

Inspiration for making art, comes from the things I see around me daily, as well as life’s experiences. I have a deep love for drawing, painting on canvas and wood panels, mixed media art, creating with an iPad, sculpting paper clay….I am constantly learning. Artists of the past, such as Matisse, Monet, and van Gogh, inspire me to create boldly and with lots of color. My art contemporaries encourage me daily to explore art in many forms. Making art brings such joy to my life. Thank you for allowing me share my art with you!

My colorful original art can be found in

my own webshop ArtcyLucyShop.com

10 new paintings

There is a SALE in my shop, 25% off all original art through Sunday, December 10th!

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ConnectingMyHeartToYoursRV888  Connecting My Story to Yours – 12 x 12 inch acrylic painting on cradled wood panel (SOLD)


It’s A Small World After All – 11 x 14 inch acrylic painting on Raymar panel (SOLD)


Stepping Into The Wild – 12 x 12 inch acrylic on stretched canvas (SOLD)


Into The Forest I Go – 12 x 12 inch on stretched canvas


The Earth Beneath You and I – 12 x 12 inch acrylic on stretched canvas


The Wildflower Meadow – 12 x 12 inch acrylic on stretched canvas (SOLD)


While The Autumn Breezes Sing – 12 x 12 inch acrylic on chunky stretched canvas (SOLD)


So Much More Than Ordinary – 10 x 20 inch acrylic on stretched canvas (SOLD)


A Joy Forever – 12 x 12 inch on cradled wood panel


The Joy of Summer Colors – 11 x 14 inch acrylic on stretched canvas


Simple Pleasures – 6 x 8 inch acrylic on cradled wood panel


The Secret Garden – 12 x 12 inch acrylic on stretched canvas

You can see more of my available art at ArtcyLucyShop.com



If you have questions about anything you see here, please email me at ArtcyLucy.Studio@yahoo.com