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I pride myself on making beautiful and unique art, and keeping it affordable for everyone. I truly believe everyone should own a piece of original art!


Let me tell you a little about my art making….

I love creating something with my own two hands, and I love to give my art to my friends and family, making custom pieces with them in mind. But there are times, that I just love the act of creating…just for the pure joy of it. I am constantly researching artists of the past, to see how their style and brushstrokes can make an impression on my own art making. Contemporary artists too, have an impact on my work. I love to travel the world, going to museums to learn more about the artists I love.  I was privileged to visit the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam…standing there, gazing in awe, at Vincent van Gogh’s genius on canvas. It was a dream come true! I am constantly learning and growing, and enjoying every minute I can get paint on my hands!

I am humbled that my art has been collected by people around the world. I hope you will stop by and take a look around. If there are any pieces that interest you, or you have questions about my art, please feel free to email me at  ArtcyLucy@aol.com




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