New Art

Script and Shadows

Working on these latest abstracts have been a pure pleasure for me. I can tell, I am getting a little bolder, maybe with a little more confidence to try new things, cover over things I am not crazy about, and try new colors. I am loving the dots and dashes, the “script” that adds a bold statement across these pieces…and I think it adds a bit of mystery too. 1ScriptAndShadows

Script and Shadows – 6 x 6 inch mixed media original on Ampersand gessobord

This piece started off SO differently, and each time I was in the studio, I would work on it a little more, until it evolved into the finished piece. I love not knowing where the journey will take me…I just work on them until I love them, and then I call them finished! 


I have an affinity for the 6 x 6 inch boards…I am loving the square space, that I can layer and fill with paint, paper, and ink.


Meander and Flow – 6 x 6 inch mixed media original on stretched canvas

This one seems a bit wilder than the others…lots of lines and curves, lots of papers, and even some bronze metallic paint shimmers on this canvas.


I liked having the sides to play with too, extending the “horizon” line around wrapped edges.


Between Field and Sky – 8 x 8 inch original mixed media painting on Ampersand art panel

This is is possibly the most “realistic” of these abstracts, as it brings to mind a landscape, with those greens and blues. A bit of asemic writing tossed in, with some splashes of paint, adds a little surprise to an otherwise familiar scene.


I love when imagination takes over…I never really know what might happen. Some happy little surprises come about, and I am just enjoying this little jaunt into abstract.


All three are now available in the online ArtcyLucy Studio shop on Etsy.



My artistic friends over at Leslie Saeta’s blog, have just completed 30 paintings in 30 days. I wasn’t able to participate as much as I wanted to this month, because I started off the year with a very bad cold, but I loved looking at what was completed by artists around the world!