Surface Fragments and Sedimentary Thoughts

I’m still enjoying my journey into abstract mixed media. I am really drawn to the colors and lines in these two art pieces. I’ve never used this much black in my art before, but I have to say that it really does make colors pop, and I love that! It sure does give it some drama!1SurfaceFragmentsSurface Fragments – 6 x 6 inch mixed media original on cradled wood panel

Available here

SurfaceFragments2The sides are painted black, and this doesn’t have to be framed.


Sedimentary Thoughts – 6 x 6 inch mixed media original on cradled wood panel

 Available here


I really love the added text and script in this painting…and of course, those lovely splash marks too!

As a short departure from abstract, I’ve worked on some portraits too. I’ll be back to share those with you soon.

I hope you are enjoying this month of February!




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  1. Hi, you are so brave! The abstracts are quite a departure from your portraits. Are you familiar with Jane Davies blog? She posts lots of helpful videos. Her workshops are packed with ideas and students. She does these black acrylic scribbles that you can audition, so to speak, by making them on page protectors. Has helped me get the nerve to try some, cause you’re not stuck with a mistake. Check her out.

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