Carbon and Clay

I’m still working on my abstracts, and loving the textures and looks I am getting with molding paste, black gesso, paper, ink, acrylic and metallic paint…and then a nice wax varnish over the top.CarbonAndClay11CarbonAndClay

This “New Horizons” abstract series, reminds me of getting back to the earth, and I have been looking up geology terms to describe some of my pieces. This is “Carbon and Clay”, represented by the black and the earth tones. It’s a 6 x 6 inch mixed media piece. One of my all time favorites of this series. There are bits of metallic paint coming through here in unexpected places.


I’ve been enjoying the cradled wood panels too, I love how it absorbs the paint. And with the sides cradled, they can stand on their own, be displayed on an easel or the wall without a frame. 


Sometimes words just show up from my collage materials, and beg to be used. So, this one is “Charming”. I don’t have a preconceived idea when I start these, I just let the papers, paints, colors, ideas flow. I really enjoy creating this way…it’s so much different from my usual art making. I’m excited to see where this exploration will take me!

“Carbon and Clay”, as well as “Charming”, are available in my online art shop, ArtcyLucy Studio on Etsy. There you will see all of the New Horizons abstracts, as well as floral still life, landscapes and portraits.





  1. I applaud your experimenting with new stuff – it takes alot of courage to jump out of your comfort zone. Enjoying seeing what happens 🙂

    1. Janet, thanks so much for your comment! And thanks for the applause 🙂 Yes, it is a bit courageous (scary!) to do something totally different, but it does feel good too! It’s been a fun experiment…who knows what will come of it?

    1. Hi Janet, and thanks for your comment! The black gesso is really addicting…I just want to use it all the time!!!

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