New Art

Belle Isle Boat House

I am back to painting virtually again, thanks to Bill Guffey and his Virtual Paintout Blog.  I love this idea, that artists from all over the world can come together every month, and paint a location, thanks to Google Maps. I am a traveler at heart, so being able to see the world through Google Maps’ “eyes” has been great fun.

This month, we have been wandering (virtually) around Detroit, Michigan. 


Belle Isle Boat House (SOLD, thank you!)

6 x 6 inch acrylic painting on art panel.

I found this Google Maps image and decided I wanted to paint my own version of what I saw. I loved the color combination, as well as the cloud filled sky. I tried to paint this quickly, and without too much thought to detail….but inevitably I do get caught up in the details…it’s just the way I paint, I guess. There is now a light wax varnish on the painting, and it is available in my online art shop on Etsy. Click here for more details.

I hope to travel around Detroit a bit more, while I sit here at the computer…who knows what will inspire me next! If you haven’t had the chance to check out the Virtual Paintout Blog, you should. You’ll enjoy it. And if you are a painter or a sketcher…why not participate too?