New Art

Summer Flowers and a Sale


 The summer is heating up here, and the dahlias are starting to come UP! Their shapes,  colors, textures, get me all happy!  What about you? Are you a garden lover?


So many times, I can see where my garden influences my art, in so many ways.



This month, I am offering 20% off most of my original art pieces, until July 19th. 


Soft Earth and Hope

You will find a nice variety of pieces, all colorful, and full of interesting shapes, lines, and texture too…those are the things that fire me up! You will find dozens of pieces that can brighten up spaces in your home or office. All of these beauties, and much more, can be found at my own online art shop


A Little Night Music


Dance With Me


Just a little peek into my June painting experimentation…

lots of fun with color, line and textures too.

More experimenting to come for July. That’s where the fun is!