New Art

Happy May to you! I hope this has been a good month for you, and you are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather (if you are in my hemisphere!) We planted a new front garden in late February and March, and to watch it grow and bloom has been so wonderful!


This is a Maurice Utrillo Rose, named after the French painter. They JUST bloomed this week…and I LOVE how the petals look like they have been painted by an artist’s brush!

In between the gardening duties, I have also been finishing up paintings started a while back, and playing around with some new ideas for future artwork as well. 

I have also been working on my new shop…getting things transferred and settled from Etsy to the new domain. It’s great to have my own art shop. Etsy was so good to me for many years, but it feels so nice to strike out on my own in my new little corner of the web.

I am so happy to share my new painted portraits with you!

FindingMyWay1 (1)

Finding My Way – 11 x 14 inch acrylic on Raymar panel (available)

I thoroughly love the loose brush marks in this new portrait, and I used all my favorite colors (and I have a few!). You will see that teal and rose variation in many of my paintings.

Next, is this beauty…


La Bonita – 12 x 12 inch acrylic painting on thick stretched canvas (SOLD)

She sold just a few hours after I listed her in the shop! I loved playing around with the patterns and design in this one.


The Sweetness of Sisters – 12 x 12 inch acrylic on stretched canvas (available)

And you know, the theme of sisters is very close to my heart, having two dear sisters of my own. So, it was a pleasure to paint these two blonde beauties.

And speaking of sisters, I painted a surprise for my sister…the one who loves to photograph owls in nature.


Magnificent Creatures – 20 x 24 inch acrylic on stretched canvas

I have only painted one owl, many years ago, and it was very small, on a 6 x 8 inch piece of paper. So, to attempt FOUR on a very large canvas felt like I may have jumped into the deep end on this one! But I persisted, and I LOVE these beautiful creatures so much…and more importantly, so does my sister! Such an honor to paint these for her!

You will also find some newer original drawings in my art shop now. Mostly of Vincent!



There are quite a few new ink drawings that are available, as well as a few older pen and colored pencil drawings.


You can find these and many more in the Original Drawings section of my online art shop.

You will also find a Tea Bag Portraits section now in the shop.


Fashionable Sisters – acrylic painting on teabag


Tea with Vincent – acrylic painting on teabagd

These two, and many more are available

I will slowly be adding more drawings and art goodies to the art shop soon! I hope you go for a visit, and maybe you will find a sweet gift to share with someone.

It is such a pleasure to share my art with you, and as always, I appreciate your support in kind comments and art purchases. Thank you!