New Art

First Etsy shop update this year!

Can you believe we are in a new decade??? Wow! 2020…that’s the stuff of sci fi movies right there! I hope you are enjoying this first month, this new year, this new decade. I have let myself come into the year slowly…finishing up projects from 2019, and slowly making headway into this new year.

I reopened my Etsy shop last week, and I am happy to have some new paintings to share. The end of last year saw me playing around with abstract waterlilies, and lots of fun color combinations…like bright orange and cerulean blue!

I really love working this way, which is more of an intuitive way of working, than having everything planned out for me. I also love scribing into the paint with my painting tools, to create unexpected lines and fun texture. You will find all of these new beauties in the ArtcyLucy Etsy shop.







It is my hope that you are enjoying this new decade too!

I will be back soon, to share more art goodies with you!