The Boathouse in Sweden

Yes, I am still (virtually) in Sweden. That is the fun part of painting with The Virtual Paintout Blog…I can “armchair travel”, or more specifically, office chair travel. Finding the perfect street view scene is half the fun, because I get to see parts of a country that I may never get to see in real life. This time, I found three scenes I wanted to paint.

This is painting #2…TheBoatHouseInSweden

The Boathouse in Sweden – 6 x 6 inch acrylic on Ampersand gessobord (SOLD, thank you!)

It’s got all the great elements that I love…those cool things that keep you traveling around a painting…the resting row boats, the red roof of the boat house, the blue of the water, and the puffy clouds in the sky. I really LOVE painting the layers, that is the fun part of landscape painting. Buildings are always a challenge for me…you know, those pesky straight lines are never my “thing”. But I love seeing structures in landscape paintings, and so I practice, practice, practice. And for my virtual Sweden paintings, they each have a structure…and each have that pop of red. Actually, they all have similar colors, since I painted them on the easel together. Painting in multiples IS my “thing”.

“The Boathouse in Sweden” is now available in my online art shop.





  1. I love your painting! My mother is Swedish and I have done a lot of research on my Swedish ancestors. The red color they used on their houses is called Falu red, tailings from the copper mines from Falun.

    Here’s a couple of houses I’ve done in the past..

    About the Virtual Paintout … I admire all of you artists that do this. I don’t know how many times I have looked for something to paint and can’t find anything that inspires me. I’m going to try again. Maybe I can find a little falu red house somewhere to paint today. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Your paintings are wonderful!

  2. Karin, thank you SO much for your comment! I appreciate you telling me about the Falu red…that is one of the things I loved about Google mapping in Sweden…those pops of red color everywhere! I do wish you would join us in the Virtual Paintout challenge. As you can see, I really do change up the colors and composition a bit, so don’t be afraid to do that. The rules are not too rigid, for us artists who love to play 🙂 Thanks again for your very kind comments!

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