New Art



Sweetheart – 9 x 12 inch acrylic on professional canvas board

I finally finished a painting I started over a month ago. This was a lesson in intuitive painting…which means, we were asked to make a painting, by adding colors and shapes down on the canvas, and then to work with what you “see” on the canvas. This is not the way I usually work…but it was a nice way to let go of my finickiness, and just let loose and have a little fun with paint.

Here are some progression photos…


I started off with a canvas board I had used as a sort of palette for a previous painting. I added more paint, and then looked around at the shapes…turning over the canvas to see it better. I honed in on the tiny red heart shape…and decided to form a portrait around that. It came out a bit cooler in color temperature than I wanted. So, I let it sit a while, then went back to it, to add some warmth. I went back to it, one more time…and then claimed it finished!


This was a very fun way to work, and I hope to be more “intuitive” with my future paintings!

“Sweetheart” is now available in my online shop.