New Art

Chagall inspired

I have always painted pictures where human love floods my colors. ~Marc Chagall




Studying under another master this past month, Marc Chagall. It took me a while to warm up to his work…it wasn’t until I started painting myself, that I could understand that his dream like, symbolism art, really did tell a story. And I learned that it was good for the soul, to actually put your own story down in paint.


“The Color of Love” is an 11 x 14 inch acrylic painting on heavyweight paper. It’s a very personal story of our last trip, celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary, in the city of Amsterdam. Vincent van Gogh is present here…since we were able to view his masterpieces in person, at the van Gogh museum. This memory, is one I cherish. The Dutch countryside is represented by the Zaanse Schans on the left, Mozart is conducting his Requiem below that (we were able to visit the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and listen to a marvelous symphony), the amazing row houses on the canals are here, along with the boats, and bicycle…and above it all, the two of us, as we were 28 years ago…young and in love, holding on to each other…dreams of adventures only in our minds and hearts. We have lived a wonderful 28 years together, and have lived through many adventures.

How exciting for me to be able to interpret them in paint, thanks to Chagall.