New Art

back to painting


Please excuse my lack of posting, for a while. I was away in Amsterdam…enjoying every minute of it…

222windmill windmillphoto 1 WIndmills2

loving all the windmills…

and learning so much about this gorgeous city, and the art it contains. OH, the museums I went to… this is what left a huge impression on this new painter.  Soon, you will see an influence of that, in my own art work.  It always takes me a few good weeks, to get grounded again…to assimilate all I’ve seen, and get back to routine. I was still in the middle of two art classes during the trip…so I didn’t have much time, before I had to get back to the assignments. Here’s what I’ve worked on so far…

Yes, you noticed too?


AshleyAshley (SOLD, thank you!)

VictoriaVictoria – NFS


 Sisters and Friends



Several of these are now in the online shop now.

I’ve settled back in to my normal routine…and back to painting. I am sure you will see more portraits to come…and maybe even a windmill or two.