New Art



“Isabella” – 12 x 16 inch mixed media on stretched canvas

This is painting that actually started in 2009, if you can believe that! It has evolved into the painting you see now… a more finished piece, with a portrait that I now love. One of my favorite mixed media painting teachers, Misty Mawn, encourages her students to keep going on an art piece “until you love it”. That advice helped me out tremendously on this piece. I did set it aside for a while, until I had more experience with portrait painting…so, I am happy to say that now, Isabella has been finished. She started off with collage and then acrylic paint as the background, and then the painted portrait, which has changed dramatically from the original. There is a wax varnish over the whole painting, to protect the paint. And the sides of the canvas have been painted to match as well, so it doesn’t need a frame for display. 

“Isabella” is now available in my Etsy shop, ArtcyLucy.

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