New Art

four lovely ladies

It’s been a busy month already! And it feels like summer is here, though officially the calendar says otherwise. The days when the temperature rises, I hide away in my cool little art room, and paint!

I recently reworked two paintings that were just NOT working for me. With gouache and acrylic, it’s easy to layer right on top of the existing painting.


Emerald – 9 x 12 inch acrylic painting on heavyweight Bristol paper.

She started off as a charcoal drawing, and evolved from there…to a colorful and fun portrait! I’ve noticed that I have been using a lot of green and red lately. I really do LOVE that color combination!


Princess Butterfly – 9 x 12 inch mixed media on heavyweight Bristol paper.

She started off an experimental gouache painting, that fell a bit flat. I changed everything but her face…I added the bits of color on the background, with acrylics, and then collaged a lovely butterfly to add a bit of fun.


Amanda – 4 x 6 inch gouache on watercolor paper – SOLD, thank you!


Scarlett – 4 x 6 inch gouache on watercolor paper – SOLD, thank you!

I am constantly going back to my little gouache paintings…because they are so much fun to do, and they dry almost instantly!  The Holbein gouache paints I am using, are pretty impressive. They are smooth and easy to use, and the colors are so bright!

All four of these lovely ladies, are now available in my online art shop…ArtcyLucy on Etsy.

But portraits are not the only things going on around here… stayed tuned…some landscapes are sure to show up soon!