New Art

The Old Homestead

With all the portraits I have painted lately, I started wondering if I COULD actually go back to painting a landscape.

I CAN…and I did!


The Old Homestead – is a 9 x 12 inch acrylic painting on canvas board.

My inspiration for this painting came from a Google Maps street view, of the island of Lido di Jesolo, Italy. I love to wander around the world, with the help of Google Maps. This idea wasn’t original…it came from an artist named Bill Guffey, over at The Virtual Paintout.  Every month, there is a different place on the globe to paint, and there are many artists that love to paint and upload their work to Bill’s blog. Take a look for yourself…it’s a fun way to see, and paint, the world!

The Old Homestead painting, is now available in my little online art shop, ArtcyLucy on Etsy.