New Art

Book Arts Jam

It came and went too quickly! My time at the Book Arts Show was certainly memorable though! I met SO many wonderful artists, and saw so many wonderful works of art…it is something I will never forget!

I absolutely LOVED creating work for this show…as I have always loved vintage books and old family photos (even if they weren’t my family!), and this was an opportunity to use so many of the beautiful items I had been saving up from my antique finds throughout the years.

I made quite a collection of vintage book cover collages, as well as assemblage “story boxes”. I have been busy photographing these pieces, and have slowly been putting them up in my Etsy shop this week, so if you have some time, and would like to take a look…please hop on over to

Thanks to all of you who came by to see me at the Book Arts Jam! I certainly enjoyed seeing “old” friends, and meeting new ones! Connecting with other artists truly was the highlight of the entire day!