New Art

Stories in Assemblage

Sometimes I like to revisit art pieces from the past, and add things to them…as ideas strike me. In the case of these two miniature drawer assemblage art pieces…all they needed was a little vintage “bling” to get them to the next level.

You already know how I love to create stories with collage and digital art…but to work in three dimensional pieces makes me oh-so-happy. “An Old Fashioned Girl” was inspired by a book from Louisa May Alcott . There are portions of the story from a vintage book included in this piece, as well as vintage ephemera, buttons, and lace that take you back to 1870, a time of simplicity…when country girl, Polly, falls in love with her true love, Tom.

“Heroine of the Story” is also a miniature drawer assemblage, but instead of glass pebbles as the footing for this piece, there is a vintage book cover, adorned with a fabric leaf border, that ties in the muted green colors captured in this piece. A vintage watch glass casing, as well as vintage buttons, a rusty thread spool, and  lace…all bring life to an imagined story recreated here.

I am happy to say that both pieces are now available for purchase on my Etsy shop.

I look forward to creating more art stories in 3D.