New Art

And they lived happily ever after

…or so the story goes.

Yes, I have been involved with fairy tales this last month…remembering stories heard and read a long long time ago. It’s been a challenge to take such well loved and well known characters, and try to make them my own…at least on canvas.

Once Upon a Time…

the beginning of the story. Here, a fairy tale princess from my imagination…though I have an idea of which one of the Grimm Brothers’ creations she might be…do you?

There is a mixture of media here…from acrylic paints, to water soluble pastel crayons, to pens of all kinds, colored pencils, and yes, even a bit of collage. Oh, and there is a silk leaf garland, to complete her storybook look.

I love the dreamy look in her eyes…she knows her prince will come.


The Fairest of Them All

Here is another fairy tale princess, a bit more recognizable, with black hair, fair skin, and red ribbon. I had a great time creating the backdrop for her…the castle on the hill. I’ve always dreamed of living in a castle…what little girl hasn’t???

I love combining my trusty acrylics and pencils and pens, with the unexpected texture of real lace…check out her little collar! She is a confident princess, knowing her story is fixed…she’ll live happily ever after…after all.

These paintings are available for purchase. Please email me at for pricing information. Thanks!