For the love of vintage

mAngeleBy now, you all know that I have a strong love for all things vintage, right? The photographs that I can look through for (literally) hours at antique stores, old postcards, aged lace, vintage buttons…I LOVE it all, and have for a very long time, even before discovering “mixed media” or “altered art”. So imagine my glee (can I use that word? I LOVE that word!) ok…my glee, when I found out that I could combine all these “old” things that I love to collect, to create a little story…after all, I am a storyteller too!

WellTempered7These are two little altered Bingo card collages, using a few of my favorite things. They are so much fun to create, especially when I add little bits of things to them, like lace, buttons, an unexpected blue butterfly in the corner, subtle handwriting, or a tidbit from a dictionary page. I am constantly snipping little words that I find, and Well-Tempered, seemed to fit her beautifully framed face…don’t you think???

Both of these vintage lovelies, are my newest additions to the little ArtcyLucy shop.

You will find a few more things that I have added lately, such as some new digital art pieces, and some miniature canvas art. I would be so honored if you took a look! I’ve been working hard to make it a nice little online boutique…complete with a variety of original and unique art. And I have to tell you this secret….I am LOVING having a little spot to share my art!

Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower. ~ Author unknown (but wise, nonetheless)



  1. omigosh, Cuz…..your blog gets better each time I tune in! Now I have a question! How about showing us some of the little book of wonders you shared at the Mixed Media group last month. I was so smitten with it that I found a little book to work in but now I can’t remember a thing about it except that I LOVED it so much. Please let me see a page or two, please???
    Love you,
    Your cuz’n in love!

  2. I FOUND YOU….YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…so happy childlike Lucy….YOU are the funnest most delicious person I met at Journalfest…tried to be your friend on FB…couldn’t find you…all these faceless Robertas…I was looking for your sweet face…I found it here in a form of little you in a flower….Come visit me on my blog…I’ll put you on my ‘Creative people’ list. Your blog is awesome…your work is beautiful…you are beautiful…Hope you are doing well in your after JF days…I miss them…and you my friend…

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