New Art

Where flowers bloom

NightFlowerMagenta…so does hope. ~ Lady Bird Johnson

Is that why I plant sunflowers every year? For hope?

TheHappySunflowerI love watching them grow from seeds…maybe it has to do with hope…hope for growth, hope for beauty. Once they are fully grown, and bloomed into beautiful and strong sunflowers…I love to take photographs of them…as you can see, they are a constant theme of my digital art!

TheFloweratSea2I never tire of their beauty, and I never tire of playing around with these images, digitally layering them, and adding intense colors and textures,  to make these flowers just pop! The bright white mats help too…a crisp border to showcase the brilliant colors of flowers.

TheSunflowerGarden2My little backyard sunflowers of the summer, are now just fragile remnants, swaying in the strong breezes of this stormy October day. But not long ago, they were standing tall, in full bloom, and shining brightly against the brilliant blue sky.

ASplashofColor3Even though I am a lover of Autumn breezes, and cool winter days…my favorite days of summer (when I am not in the A/C) is spending time photographing my flowers. I’ve had some wonderful feedback from others that have seen my sunflower digital art in person. And let me tell you…it feels SO good, to know that others “ooh and ahh” over the images that I have fallen in love with!

SunflowerforMonet3All these digital art prints are now available in my Etsy shop. Make sure to check out the “Digital Collage” section. Do you see a print you like, but wish it were in another color? My sister has purple in her home, so I altered the Night Flower (in Magenta), into a deeper purple to match her decor. So, if you see something you like, but would like it altered to fit your home, or a friend’s home, just email me at …I LOVE to make people happy with my digital art!

Only six more months till I plant a new batch of sunflower seeds…soon flowers will be blooming once again.