New Art

Art, Life, and a little Nostalgia

Hello! After a few months, I am back to share a little life and art news with you!

It was an interesting summer, and I found myself trying to clean out and rearrange my art space. After being in there creating art since 2011, it badly needed a bit of an overhaul. Slowly, I cleared out the things I don’t use anymore, and rearranged the desk and easel about five different ways to get the most from the small space (and I may have to rearrange again!). An extra bedroom is the “art studio” and I find myself wishing it was just a little bigger to handle my messiness! In the meantime, I didn’t have a place to paint with my acrylics, but experimented with watercolor and ink for a while this summer. I enjoyed that, but missed my acrylics badly!

It’s the end of the garden season around here. We have had a warm fall so far, and I have been enjoying whatever the garden wants to share right now. We still have a few Kasagi dahlias we are enjoying, the butterflies are enjoying them too. Some of the late Cosmos are still blooming, and lots of Zinnias too. I have been in seed collecting mode for the last two months, and I enjoy sharing those seeds with neighbors and friends.

It looks like the ladybugs are enjoying them too!

I love these Texas Star Hibiscus seed pods and have harvested quite a few this year. Seeds were shared with me from an artist in Texas in 2021, (thanks Bev!), and I have been watching them bloom and harvesting seeds from them ever since!

On the art front, I have been slowly getting back into my art space to create and experiment, and finish up paintings I started earlier this year. I mailed off these two beauties to an artist in Illinois. It makes me really happy when a fellow artist loves my work!

I thought I would share an easel view with you. So excited to be creating with loads of color and thick paint again! I use only the colors I love (that is almost ALL of them!).

There are some experiments going on as well, putting on the paint differently, using different color combinations too. It’s exciting to see where this may lead me.

A new tool for the art space…though I am not sure what the official name is. It’s a tube squeezer/crimper, and it is helping me get all the paint from the tubes…less waste!  This is one of my favorite paint colors and paint brands. Utrecht Cadmium Free Red Medium…I use it in so many of my pieces, either straight out of the tube, or mixing with a deeper red.

I am happy to share some of my newest pieces with you, that are now in the online shop! 

Put On Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues – 12 x 12 inch acrylic painting on cradled wood panel

        You may recognize the title from a really popular 80s song. This is where that nostalgia comes in, I hum lots of 80 tunes, and they always make me think back on that time in my life…youth, new love, a lot more energy than I have now…ha!

Clicking on these painting images, will take you directly to the online shop. I ship mainly within the United States these days, but if you are overseas, and you see a painting you love, let me know and I can calculate shipping costs for you. Feel free to email me

On the Bright Side – 12 x 12 inch acrylic on stretched canvas

There is something about the colors in this piece, that just make me happy. Maybe it’s all those 80s pop songs going through my head recently, or maybe I just need the summer garden colors to shine through in my art. Whatever it is, I LOVE the swirls, textures and colors here so much.

When We Were Young – 11 x 14 inch acrylic on cotton Raymar panel

Again, you are probably noticing the pinks and pastel tones coming through. Not my usual palette, I know, but there is something special here, nostalgic.  Something young and hopeful, and uniquely beautiful. It has been made on a flat panel, so this one will need a frame, and should fit into most 11 x 14 inch frames without having to have one custom made.

And to top it all off, all three of these new ones are automatically part of the BIG sale going on in my online shop,

I hope you will stop by and see all the lovely original paintings in the sale!

I will have about 10 more NEW paintings to share between now and December 10th, so check back often to see what new art there is. And if you can refer my website or online shop to someone interested in unique and colorful art, I would be so grateful!  As a thank you for referring, I can give you FREE U.S. shipping on any art that you choose for yourself.  Just let me know which one you are interested in, before you purchase.

As always, I am SO grateful for your support.

Thank you for checking in with me today. I am always happy to share my art news with you!