New Art

The Imagined Garden series is now available!


As of 9pm this evening, The Imagined Garden collection is now available in my online art store

I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. I have loved everything about creating this series. It was a true exploration into color and brush strokes, and a creative way to express my appreciation for art and for gardens!

I hope you see the pure joy in these too!

Each painting will have its own Paypal button in the shop. If you purchase more than one piece, I will combine shipping and refund you the difference.


In the Spring of 1888 

This painting is a nod to one of my favorite painters, Vincent van Gogh. When I look at these colors and brush strokes, I think of him painting in the fields of Arles, loving the sunflowers and the blue skies of the south of France.

TheGardenofSmallBeginnings2 2

The Garden of Small Beginnings 

Last year, we took up our small grass lawn that was at the front of our home, and designed a sweet garden. While hubby did the heavy lifting of getting the ground ready, I was in the little greenhouse sowing seeds like crazy, or ordering bulbs, researching what will grow in our garden zone. From our tiny idea, “hey, let’s make the front yard into a garden!” to the work involved, and the tending of our sweet space…it became a balm for our hearts during a difficult year.


The View From My Window

Every morning, before I walk outside, I look out the window to see how the garden is doing. It’s the beginning of spring, and I have been watching the plants come to life, start to bloom again, and the bees and ladybugs are busy pollinating. It just makes me happy! Are you growing a garden too? Then you know the joys, and also challenges, of tending a little plot of earth to call your own.

I hope when you view these paintings, beautiful memories of gardens and those you shared them with, will come to mind.