New Art

New Summer Portraits

I am so happy to share my newest portraits with you!

A couple of these beauties were started months ago, and they slowly evolved into what you see now. There are a few that really surprised me. And all of them took me on a creative adventure! That is what I love about these portraits from my imagination, they morph and change and become something I never expected. But I end up loving each and every one of them.

I hope you do too!


A Delicate Balance – 11 x 14 inch acrylic portrait on stretched canvas     

You can definitely see my love for the Fauve artists with this bold and colorful beauty. I LOVE the drama in this one so much.


Catching My Breath – 11 x 14 inch acrylic portrait on stretched canvas

This one may have gone through the most changes of all… she has had three different hairstyles, and the background has changed from earth tones to a night sky, and now a peaceful glow surrounding her. We went through a whole journey together, and I love where she ended up!

DansLeJardin (1)

Dans Le Jardin – 8 x 10 inch acrylic portrait on Raymar panel 

This one…what can I say? She’s not like any other portrait I have done. I love how she is entwined with vines, and her title means “In the Garden”…which is where I love to spend my time, when I am not painting. 


More Than Words – 11 x 14 inch mixed media portrait on Raymar panel 

This lovely one started as a more vintage type lady, with hair up, and eyes closed. She slowly emerged as a more modern woman, and she wanted her eyes wide open. I love creating backgrounds like this, a pure playground of collage, stenciling, script and paint. 


Before She Wakes – acrylic portrait on 8 inch round canvas 

It’s been a long time since I painted on a round canvas, but I really love the way a face can become the main focus, when you are working on a small format like this. She is a sweet one, and she stole my heart from the very first brushstrokes…sometimes that happens!

TwoHeartsAndARose (1)

Two Hearts and a Rose – acrylic portrait on 5 x 7 inch chunky stretched canvas 

This sweet little beauty started off as a nod to Matisse…and I kept working with her, until she had her two hearts, and that rose on her hat. I love how she is looking directly at us…what a story she has to tell! 

Each of these new portraits are now varnished and ready for their new home. All of my paintings in the Etsy shop have free shipping in the US.

I hope you find one you love!