New Art

Ray of Sunshine

When I started out painting less than a decade ago, I was painting small 5 x 7 inch portraits. I loved that size for various reasons. One, is that I don’t paint every day, and small sizes helped me to do quite a few portraits in one sitting. Also, they are easily shipped.

Slowly, as I would get more comfortable and had more experience with painting, I would venture into larger canvases. While 11 x 14 is my preferred size for painting, in the last year and half, I have been enjoying the larger format from time to time.


Ray of Sunshine – 20 x 20 inch acrylic on stretched canvas

She is the largest portrait I have offered in my Etsy shop, and she was just listed today. I am loving the yellows this year, as you can tell. And this one in particular, makes me so joyful to look at her. I love these colors together, the tilt of her head, the flowers in her hair, and the sweeping background behind her, which remind me of the rays of the sun. You can find her HERE in my ArtcyLucy shop on Etsy.