New Art

Portrait of Suzanne

During our Let’s Face It 2018 online class this year, we are learning about artists of the past, that made an impact on art history. Ferdinand Hodler was a Swiss artist, and I actually came across his work several years ago, and I loved his style. Lots of  patchwork colors in his portraits and landscapes…I find his work pretty fascinating. His contemporary, was artist Cuno Amiet, whose work I also love.


Portrait of Suzanne – 11 x 14 inch acrylic on stretched canvas (SOLD, thank you!)

As always, with these “study the masters” lessons, I do research on the artist ahead of time, look at their patterns and the way they lay down the paint, and try to incorporate something of their style, into my own. I found a reference photo of a woman (with long hair) with her hand on her shoulder, and I decided to use that pose, for this Hodler lesson. I added some of Hodler’s favorite colors, and a few of my own. Veering from the modern reference photo, I decided to paint her hair with a more vintage style.

I really love this finished portrait. I think her eyes, and her stance, speak volumes.