New Art

A Night at the Theatre

I am really enjoying this year of exploring artists of the past. Mary Cassatt is one of my favorite impressionists, and I struggle to find a balance between smoothness and loose brush strokes. So, I really enjoyed studying her work, and then using her color palette and way of putting down paint to create my own work of art. Of course, I use acrylics and she used oils. And in some cases, pastels. I hope my work reflects a bit of her looseness, and some of her elegance.


A Night at the Theatre – 11 x 14 inch acrylic on Raymar Professional art panel 

I love painting on these panels. They take paint very nicely, and are extremely sturdy and well made. And they will fit in a frame of your choice. You will find this newest painting in my Etsy shop, ArtcyLucy.