New Art

Colorful Portraits on Tea Bags

I am back from a wonderful anniversary vacation with my husband…31 years and still enjoying each others’ company. Now that’s something to celebrate!!!

I am shamefully behind…on just about everything…being sick at the end of one year and into the next, was not the way I wanted to start off this year. But I am happy to be well again and creating art! I am in the middle of a few online classes, so I am painting and drawing when I can, while watching videos and being inspired by all the teachers! I am absorbing what I can, and trying to translate it into my own art making.

I’m excited to share some of my tea bag portraits from the end of last year! This was part of my 100 tea bag project. I really LOVE painting these small portraits, and hope to do more of it this year.

I just finished uploading some of these tiny treasures into the online Etsy shop once again. Clicking on each image, will take you directly to the Etsy listing of each tea bag portrait, and will include more photos.


Portrait of Calliope


Portrait of Celeste


Portrait of Julia


Portrait of Myra


Fashionable Friends


Girl in the Blue Hat


Portrait of Lexie


Lulu Sings the Blues


Roses in Her Hair

I am just loving these quirky cute characters that show up on the tea bag “canvas”.  Lulu just might be my favorite of the lot.

I hope you are enjoying your week, and I do hope you will come back soon, as I have a few more goodies I am excited to share with you!