New Art

A Year of Art

The clock is ticking…there are just days left till this year comes to a close. To remind myself of all the wonderful art filled days of this year, I put together a little video (ok, maybe not so little) of much of my art.

You will see glimpses into my art process, and into my sketching journals, even digital art, as well as my completed paintings. I did A LOT of sketching this year, really loving the chance to show my love of Scribble Art. I took several online classes this year, that really pushed me to do things a little differently. To think outside the box…to paint tiny tea bags, and to paint in broad large strokes, Painterly Portraits.

There’s a bit of everything here…a full year of art.


My friends, it has been a wonderful year of art making, and I want to give a very big THANK YOU to you, for all the support, love, encouraging words you have all shown me. I am so grateful that I can use part of my life to make art.

I will see you back here in a few days, in a new year.

* * *

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