New Art

Playing with Pendants

I am back, once again, in front of the easel…painting! I had a month hiatus, from painting, doing other projects that needed to be done. It does feel good to get back in there, with a brush in my hand! I have four new paintings started, and hope to share them here soon.

In the meantime, I have also been making more art necklaces. Two of these, are from my newest Scribble Art portraits, my pen and ink sketches. I hope you like them!

They are available in my shop, and shipping will resume after the 1st of the year. 


Her Vintage Curls


Inspired by Picasso


Lady and the Hat  


And three charming redheads!


Portrait of Minette

Orne de Fleurs (which means, Decorated in Flowers) 


Portrait of Fleurette  

There are now 50 unique necklaces to choose from, as well as original paintings.

I will be back soon…to do my yearly wrap up. It’s been a really fun and creative year! I hope it has for you too.


You can also find my art on Daily Paintworks

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