New Art

Art to Wear

I’ve been away too long… half of October, I was in the land of fire and ice…Iceland! Enjoying brisk air, the sea breeze in my face, waterfalls and rainbows, black sand beaches, and wandering Reykjavik looking for jewelry made with lava! It was a fun time…and then I came home and succumbed to a very nasty cold. So, art making has been S L O W.  

But it is a new month, and I am starting to feel myself again! I am participating in an online portrait class by Julie Johnson, called Painterly Portraits. It feels good to be painting again. I hope to show you some new portraits soon!

But first…

I’ve been playing with something new… adding tiny prints of my paintings and sketches to jewelry! Oh, it’s been so fun!


I now have six of these listed in my online art shop, ArtcyLucy Studio on Etsy.


Time Will Tell

I LOVE this one…. from one of my favorite portraits in my personal collection. 


Maria Christina  

The original painting has been sold, but it is so nice to see it once again in wearable art format!  


Vivienne   SOLD, thank you!

She was one of my pen portraits, a fashionable young woman with a gorgeous hat.  She looks wonderful in that metallic black pendant frame!


The Painted Hummingbird

 Originally painted as a gift for my sister, I love the look of it in miniature.  


Summer Bouquet

  A colorful still life, that you can wear around your neck!  


 Summer Flowers    

Another vase of blooms, with blue, green and pink hues.  

More information on each of these necklaces, with additional photos, can be found in the “Art Necklaces” section of my ArtcyLucy shop. I will be adding a variety of these little beauties by the end of the week.