New Art

Twelve in a Series…so far



So, here are the 12 completed mixed media pieces in my New Horizons series. I love seeing them all together. Most are 6 x 6 inches, and a few are 5 x 7. It’s been a wonderful experiment in mixed media abstract work, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

The last three of these 12, are now in the Etsy shop.


Momentary Moon – 5 x 7 inch mixed media on stretched canvas (the sides are painted)


Unsung Harmony – 5 x 7 inch mixed media on Ampersand art panel


Distracted – 6 x 6 inch mixed media painting on Ampersand art panel

I have quite a few more pieces of this series in progress, though I am not sure I will finish them by the end of the year, as I have a bummer of a winter cold that is keeping me from much of everything…including art. In the meantime, I am getting caught up on art magazines, instruction books, and online inspiration. Hopefully I will be back exploring abstract pieces very soon. I am already setting some art goals for myself in the upcoming year. I get to wondering…“what’s next?”.