New Art

The Water Garden

I can’t help but think of Monet when I am painting these water lilies. And since I have started painting them this year, I can now completely understand his love for them. I just wish I had a water garden of my own.

“I am completely absorbed by my work. These landscapes of water and reflections have become an obsession.” ~ Claude Monet



The Water Garden – 5 x 7 inch acrylic on canvas panel

This is my favorite of the three recent water lily paintings. This one came together very quickly and easily….and those colors just draw me right in. I love the subtle shadows of the trees, and the lighter areas of the sky reflection…and using purple in a painting always makes me happy.

This is the last of the water lilies…for now. Who knows, they may call to me later on in the week!

“The Water Garden” is now available in the online art shop, ArtcyLucy Studio on Etsy.