New Art

Marken Garden Klompen

Daily Paintworks had a challenge a few weeks ago, “The Intimate Landscape” challenge. It was a way to hone in on a smaller, simpler scene, and make it the focal point of a painting. I chose to use a photo from my recent trip to Amsterdam, as my inspiration (it’s hard NOT to be inspired by The Netherlands!)


This photo was taken in the town of Marken, just outside of Amsterdam, where they make wooden clogs…klompen. To call it a town might be a stretch…it’s more like a village. VERY picturesque and quaint. I loved walking through the older part of the village and seeing all the clogs used as planters, in their gardens.


Marken Garden Klompen – 6 x 6 inch acrylic on cradled wooden panel 

This was so much fun to paint! It is on a wooden support, which I don’t paint on very often. It already had quite a few layers of paint on it (don’t tell anyone, but it was an unsuccessful painting, gone bad!) and I decided to go for it. Sometimes paintings come easily, sometimes they don’t. This one made me happy, probably because I was reliving memories of a wonderful trip! It’s got a bit of an “old world” feel to it, with its layers of paint, and distressed look. The sides are painted white, then I sanded them down slightly.


I did go a little klompen crazy while in Amsterdam…

Here’s more from the village of Marken




And here’s a photo of the ceiling of the klompen factory…a fun place to visit!


I kept finding clogs EVERYWHERE…


and even brought some tiny wooden ones home, and painted them…van Gogh style! These are fridge magnets, about an inch and a half each! 


I was...and still am, smitten by klompen!

I have a feeling there are more clog paintings to come…