New Art

30 paintings in…26 days

It’s been a VERY full month of painting!January2014Collage(You can click on the image above, for a larger view)

Along with 400 other artists, that had signed up through Leslie Saeta’s blog…I spent the month exploring acrylic and gouache… paint on canvas, board and paper…studying three different master artists of the past, and doing a lot of research! I started on January 4th and finished the last three paintings yesterday.  First was Monet, and his love of those exquisite water lilies that inspired me to paint these delicate flowers on my own. It was peaceful and contemplative, and it was the best way to start off a brand new year. Second, Matisse came along, thanks to the online course, Studying Under the Masters. I have always loved his colorful portraits, so I jumped in without any hesitation…and color became my passion. Design and pattern and backgrounds became my focus as well. And I learned SO much!  

This week, Cezanne came to visit…and I decided to imitate one of his still life paintings, so I could learn his brush strokes.


Apples and Pears – 6 x 8 inch gouache on heavyweight mixed media paper  

I decided to try my hand at a painting of his wife…he made a series of paintings of Hortense, and I love them all. So, this is my own version…a composite really, of all his paintings of her, with his style, and my own combined.


A Model For Matisse – 6 x 8 inch gouache on heavyweight mixed media paper   


Cezanne the Painter – 6 x 8 inch gouache on heavyweight mixed media paper  (SOLD, thank you!)

And finally, I decided to try painting a portrait of the artist himself, based on a photograph of him. Trying out his brush strokes and colors, it was a very fun exercise. I felt like I was staring into the eyes of the master painter, trying to soak in all his painterly wisdom and advice in the process. I absolutely loved using my gouache paints for this. In between the painting this month, I did some drawing, some mail art cards, and even some digital art. So, for now, I am savoring these art filled days, remembering how much I loved them, and what I learned.

I will take a short break to relax a little…but not to worry…Botticelli will be around next week, and I will be heading back toward my easel very soon.