New Art

The Composer


It all started with a love of music…then the desire to draw…then paint. Well, that’s the short version, anyway. 

It’s funny how one love, develops into another, and then another. This is how we weave the fabric of who we are. I certainly loved painting this portrait. Who doesn’t love the look of a handsome and brooding man? This painting started first, with a drawing of Johannes Brahms… a handsome young composer from many years ago. The more I worked on this painting, the more this image became an amalgamation of so many of Brahms’ musical contemporaries. If you look closely, you will even see a bit of Beethoven and Mozart. That is why I chose to call him, “The Composer”…because that really encompasses who he is. The loose style is something I’ve been working on this year…trying to stop before I get too caught up in the details.


The most detailed part of this painting, are the eyes…those windows into the soul. If you look close enough, you may just see a tiny swirl of a treble clef…you never know.

“The Composer” is a9 x 12 inch acrylic painting on heavyweight watercolor paper. He is now available for any music lover.