New Art

smitten with sunflowers…again


Three Sunflowers – 9 x 12 inch acrylic on stretched canvas

I didn’t wake up intending to paint sunflowers. I knew I wanted to paint SOMETHING, and I knew I wanted it to be colorful. I had bought heirloom tomatoes that had fun colors and shapes, so I decided to combine them with one of my favorite things to paint…sunflowers.


I pulled out my desk easel, and set up “painting camp” in the kitchen, next to the sunny window. I had the music going, and enjoyed a wonderful morning of painting. There is just something so comforting about painting sunflowers…their happy colors and full petals, their fluffy round shapes…all of it, just makes me want to smile. 

I love the sunflower paintings that Vincent van Gogh made so many years ago, and I cannot help but think of him and his dynamic colors and brush strokes, when I paint sunflowers too.

“Three Sunflowers”  is now happily hanging in my friend’s home….on her sunflower themed wall.