New Art

Inspired by Jane

What can I say…I am hopelessly in love with Jane Austen’s characters.


The Proposal – 8 x 10 inch acrylic painting on canvas board (SOLD, thank you!)


I started this painting last week, when I was painting the other Jane inspired painting for my friends. This one took a while to complete though…because it was tough to get the “Darcy” character just the way I wanted him….mysterious, brooding, handsome…in other words, irresistible. I don’t often paint men, so it took me a while to get his masculine features the way I wanted. Not to mention the clothing, which had its own challenges! But it is finally complete! I decided to try it out in an old fashioned retro frame and photograph it on my fireplace mantle. It looks like it belongs there. Needless to say, this painting is going to be hard to part with.