New Art

portraits, peacock, and a summer bouquet

Summer is officially here. It’s one of my most prolific painting times…I seem to retreat into the cool art room inside, when the heat gets too much for me to handle outside. 


I decided to rework a painting I started a few years ago, adding another layer of acrylic over the top of an older portrait with collage. I love this one so much better…all the color and texture. “On A Winter’s Night” is an 11 x 14 inch acrylic painting on canvas board. 

1PortraitOfAPeacock had a challenge recently. They had a photograph of a peacock that blended in with the shaded background. The challenge was to “make the peacock pop” out of the background. So, I decided on a feathery yellow background. This is my VERY first peacock painting…ever. I have to say, those feathers were tough! But I did have fun, and I learned a lot! “Portrait of a Peacock” is an 11 x 14 inch acrylic painting on smooth Bristol paper. It is now available. Please email for purchase information.


This is a larger painting than I am used to…a 14 x 18 inch stretched canvas acrylic painting. “One For Each Year” was painted as a gift for some friends celebrating their 40th year of marriage. I wanted to get them a flower bouquet to last. I used Odilon Redon’s gorgeous bouquets as inspiration for this painting. It was a quick painting…in less than three hours, it was started and completed. I love that “alla prima” painting…get it down quickly, and loosely! I gave them their present yesterday…they loved it! I love it too, and started on a few more Redon-inspired bouquets.


I had some leftover acrylic paint on my canvas…blues, greens, and red…so I started on another painting that afternoon, and finished it up the next evening. “Lady With The Pearl Earring” is an 11 x 14 inch acrylic painting on smooth Bristol paper. I thought of making her pearl earring a dangling one…but I wanted to keep the composition simple, and I wanted to focus more on the colors, then the accessories. When I was done with this painting, I realized that the background to this portrait, looks very much like the feathers I painted on the peacock. It is fun to see that not only do other artists influence my work…but sometimes my own work, influences me too!  

New art is now available in my online art shop on Etsy.

In the meantime, my sunflowers are JUST starting to bloom outside (I planted them later than I should have!) so I should be painting them soon!