New Art

Little Gray Finch

I am relatively new to painting birds. In fact, I started this painting back in September, and it was only the second bird I had ever painted.


Allen Drewitt was kind enough to give permission for me to paint from his photograph on Flickr.  Here it is still wet, and on the easel. 


When it had dried, the colors had dulled down a bit, and even though I liked it, I knew the background was a bit too muted.


So, the time came for me to add a little more color to the background. I think this little finch seems to stand out a bit more against the background.  Oh, I did “sharpen” his beak a little, and added a tiny reflected light in his eye. Now, I think he has an adorable profile, don’t you???

“Little Gray Finch” is an 8 x 8 inch acrylic painting on gesso board, and is now available for purchase in the online shop.