New Art

The Only One


This is the “companion” piece to the one I posted here yesterday. I call it, “The Only One”, as I am having a great time learning how fun it is to paint single objects on a canvas. It’s a lot like my love of photography, where you can capture one moment in time, and it lasts forever. Well, it’s so fun, to take a single flower, in it’s short life, and commit it to canvas, where it can live for a very very long time.

This is a 5 x 7 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas. The sides are painted too, so it doesn’t need a frame. It can be hung on it’s own, or displayed on an easel. It’s now available from Daily Paintworks.

I have a few more January paintings to show you, so I hope you will come back and take a look. In the meantime, February will be here…tomorrow! I’m so excited to see what new art opportunities can be had for the new month!


Your hopes and dreams, as well as your perception of the world around you, come through in your work and make it unique. ~Nita Leland