New Art

from my heart to yours

I’ll remember 2012 fondly, as the year I painted up a storm! And I have loved every minute of it! What I have left, from each of my painting sessions, are paint palettes filled with colors of acrylic paint that I have used in my paintings. These palettes are sometimes works of art in themselves. So, I decided, instead of tossing them…what would a mixed media artist do? Use them in art, of course! 

And so began my little journey into creating  the Heartfully Contrived palette art series.




(sold, thank you!)


(sold, thank you!)



(sold, thank you!)


I decided that since each painting of mine, comes from the heart, what better way to express myself with these recycled palette papers …than with a heart! Each heart is original, made from my palette papers used in creating my paintings. Each background has been painted to complement the palette heart. I had so much fun creating these! And even more fun in finding little words of heartfelt expression to add to them. 

There are now eleven pieces from this series still available in my little ArtcyLucy online shop. I hope you’ll stop by and see what I’ve been working on lately.


Some thoughts to ponder…

Paint from the inside out. ~George De Groat

I paint because it’s what I love to do. ~Michael Nevin

-last words about painting, age 78…
I think I’m beginning to learn something about it. ~Pierre-Auguste Renoir

(painting quotes courtesy of The Painter’s Keys)