New Art

those stylish “Ladies of Fashion”

I’m at it again…


I knew that I wasn’t quite finished with those Matisse-inspired paintings…so, this week, I pulled out my 5 x 7 canvases and worked on a few more.

Fleur (Flower) has beautiful blooms on her hat.

Au Bord De La Mer (At the Seaside)…another beauty at the beach, on a sunny day. Even her umbrella is stylish!

update * Sold, thank you!!!

Le Plumage Rouge (The Red Feathers)…her winter cape and adorable hat make her the envy of the Parisian ladies. I used Matisse paintings as a springboard for these, using those bold colors that he was known for. For an artist who created in vintage sepia tones for a long while, this burst of color is just making me so happy. I hope they make you smile too!

The newest paintings are now available in my Etsy shop

I recently completed two 4 x 4 inch acrylic paintings of farmhouses in Arles, France.

These were from Google Maps images…as I was armchair traveling, looking for inspiration, much like van Gogh did so many years ago. I found it here, amid the fields and trees. Charming little farmhouses nestled in the French countryside.

I’m not done painting yet…in fact, I am taking these two months off from teaching any art classes, so I can delve into my own art for a while. I am also taking some classes, exploring watercolor, and more collage, and more painting. I am also keeping several sketchbooks, where I am practicing some drawing skills, practicing faces, as well as sketching out some ideas for future paintings. It’s kind of a fun thing, to see a rough idea on paper, become a full blown colorful painting.

I’ll be back soon, to show you a few more things I am working on. In the meantime, I am enjoying the cooler weather (so much!), watching the leaves turn to beautiful colors, and thinking about what 2012 may bring. As far as my art goes…I hope I continue to be inspired by the artists around me, and artists past. I have so much to learn…but the process and progress have been great!

I hope you are enjoying the last months of this year!