New Art

Telling Stories with Collage

at the turn of the century
there are a happy two
who have fallen in love
and start their life together
in the midst of a changing world
an exchange of vows
and a promise made
to have and to hold
till death do us part
they say “I do”
and seal their deal
with a kiss
Harold and Clara
Married August 17, 1900

me on his knee
he, my best friend
it’s just grandpa and me
till summer’s end
Thaddeus Braxton III
And his namesake
Summer 1901
“One can never
speak enough
of the virtues,
the dangers,
the power,
of shared laughter.”
~Francoise Sagan
I’m at it again…doing what I do best…telling stories with collage. I love using real photographs to create a fictional story, using bits and pieces of old and new materials. In this new series of hanging collages, I’ve recycled pieces of cardboard…re-purposing them, and giving them new life with paint, photographs, ephemera, and writing. Sometimes, a found quote will tell the story for me. Most of the pieces in this “Story Collage” art series are now available for purchase in my online shop, 
Also available, is the assemblage featured in the latest issue of Somerset Gallery magazine, A Thankful Loving Heart.
I hope to have more of my paintings available for you soon. It’s been a really busy summer…busier than usual around here. But finding time to paint and create, amid all the other things life has to offer, makes me happy. I hope you have enjoyed your summer too!!!
If you have any questions about any of the pieces you see here, just email me at