New Art

A Mixed Media Recipe

One sure-fire way to stay creative: force yourself to learn something new. ~Harvey Mackay

I fell in love with collage almost 6 years ago, not long after seeing an art piece in a local gallery that was catagorized as “Mixed Media”. Here I was almost 40 years old, and I didn’t quite know what that meant…mixed media? A little Googling…and there I found it, a whole community of people creating art, in a non-traditional way. Mixed Media collage quickly became my art of choice. I found that ripping and gluing had a certain freedom to it…

and it was fun to create stories with torn paper and words. 

 I came to learn about magazines that embraced this kind of art, without excuses, without fear. Somerset Studio, Cloth Paper Scissors, Artful Blogging, The Artist (a UK magazine)…they all showcase artists that create outside the lines, so to speak. And seeing the way they create, inspires me to create new and exciting art as well. Many of these artists have workshops and online classes, and these have been invaluable in teaching me how to broaden my love for collage.

Misty Mawn, Michael deMeng, Orly Avineri, Anahata Katkin…to name just a few. Their love for creating art, is infectious. Their art, makes you want to make beautiful art yourself!

In the last six years, I’ve embraced lots of “media” and this is where the “mixing” comes in…Collage and Paint – Collage and Pencils  – Collage and Oil Pastels  – Collage and Watercolor

or all of the above mixed together.

Yes, you are allowed to draw outside the lines…yes, you are allowed to Mix Media. You can use paper to mix your media on…such as watercolor paper, you can use canvas, a blank journal, or you can use 3D materials and rusty things. Not only is mixing your media allowed…it’s encouraged.

The last few months, I’ve taken what I’ve learned from classes, thown in my own supplies and imagination,  and practiced putting these learned techniques and ideas to good use.  I am finding a way of working, that I am falling in love with.  I can see my own style show through…and little stories start to take shape with each collage created. Learning something new is GREAT! But putting it into practice in your own art…is even better!

Here’s a look at the last few months of collages…

 With each collage, my confidence grows. And I am excited to try the next one…because I never quite know how they will turn out, once I’ve begun! That’s one of the highlights in creating art this way…the pleasant surprise at the end!

I am thoroughly enjoying this recipe…take heaping helpings of Creativity + Collage + whatever else I want to throw into the pot (magazine images, ephemera, papers, paint, matte medium, words, pencils, gel pens) and don’t forget to Mix well = Art that makes you smile


I’ve started adding prints of my Mixed Media art pieces, to my online shop. I’ll be adding more soon so stop by and take a look if you can!