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About ArtcyLucy

Welcome to my Studio!

I am Roberta…but you can call me by my nickname,

Lucy, if you would like!

So, here’s my story…

Like most of us, as a child, I loved to create art with pencils, crayons and paint. Why do we abandon art when we grow up?  Sadly, it took me decades to get back to art making, and even longer to call myself an artist. Today, I can’t imagine a life without art in it!

I have always loved being creative. From poetry to photography, I loved learning how to create things to express myself. While I started off as a lover of collage (back in 2005), I soon expanded to assemblage (3D art), mixed media art (a combination of collage and paint and drawing), painting and drawing portraits, now…my creativity is now being expressed in wild and colorful abstract art!

Artists of the past, like Matisse, have shown me how to use bold colors in my own art. Monet has taught me that making an impression of what I see is a wonderful way to express myself with paint. And van Gogh has taught me about telling a story with deliberate brush strokes!  There are so many more artists, past and present, who have inspired me to continue in my own artistic journey. For all of them, I am so grateful!

Through life’s many ups and downs, staying creative keeps me grounded, and brings me such joy. I am so happy to have this opportunity to share my art with you! You can find my original art here on my website and blog, as well as in my own online gallery and shop,

I hope you will stop by and take a look.

Thanks so much! Have a great day!

Roberta ❤️


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