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Spring Show 2020

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 Late last year, I applied to be in a private online auction…and I was so happy to find out that I was accepted! I worked really hard at the end of last year, into the the spring of this year, making new work for this show. In all, 15 of my new portraits, as well as 6 older portraits, were accepted into the Spring show. 

I worked really hard, and loved every minute of it! I knew the show would be in Spring, and so I added lots of flowers to this new series of portraits. Little did I know a pandemic would hit…and there was lots of uncertainty whether the auction would even happen.

Victorian Roses

And I was struggling in my mind and heart…I thought maybe this isn’t the right time to sell my art, there are so many more important things going on in the world…is art really a necessity right now? But I was encouraged to go ahead with the plan. And though the auction was postponed a month, when the day came, I was still very nervous.

Would anyone really want to buy art right now?

The Promise of Spring

Imagine my surprise, and joy, that all 21 pieces of my art sold within 24 hours! I could not believe it!  The overwhelming message was, in comments I received from fellow artists and buyers, that this was THE time for art…because it gave people a little beauty and maybe even a little hope, amid a world of uncertainty and struggling. I received many personal messages from the buyers too, that really brought me so much joy. They shared with me what drew them to the piece, or pieces, they purchased, sometimes personal stories of struggle throughout the year, and that this art was just what they wanted to put in their homes to cheer them up. I was completely humbled, and so very grateful, that my love for painting, could help someone…especially right now.

And so…I keep painting, for me…because the act of making art is a real necessity for me…and for the future owners somewhere, that may connect with the piece I am painting, and bring them comfort too.

The Heart that Loves

The Nature of All Things

Tell Me Your Heart

In Hope and Melancholy

In the Comfort of Dreams

Dreaming of Spring

A Whisper of Roses

A Tale of Love in Bloom

Dreams and Wishes

In the Presence of Flowers

Leaving Winter Behind

A Peaceful Moment

My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

I hope you love my new paintings, as much as I enjoyed painting them, with these rich and bold colors.

The above paintings have sold, but you can find more of my art in my Etsy shop, ArtcyLucy.

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