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Portrait of Karsyn

I wanted to share my new portrait with you today. I am still trying to get loose and free with brush strokes, and I am loving where my portraits are headed these days. 

Portrait of Karsyn – is a 9 x 12 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas (SOLD, thank you!)

When I start out with a portrait, I usually have some idea of how to start, and yet it takes on a life of its own when the brush is in my hands. I am finding that I love the “wandering” over the canvas, and adding colors here and there, scribble marks here and there, and leaving some sections unfinished, while others are more complete. It is a wonderful way to work (or is it play?).

You will find “Portrait of Karsyn” in my Etsy shop, ArtcyLucy right now.

You will also find that my little painting sale is going on, where my smaller pieces are now priced to $25 until December 10th. Last day of shipping for the year is December 12th. 

The sale includes the paintings below, and more!

I hope you will take a look.


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