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Portrait of Lucia


Portrait of Lucia – 8 x 10 inch acrylic on Raymar Feather Lite panel

I started this painting earlier this month, when I was at a fantastic class in Southern California, at Kara Bullock’s studio. It was being taught by an artist I knew only online. To be able to meet her in person, and watch her paint, was incredible. This teacher is Jeanne-Marie Webb, and she is from South Africa. So this was really a unique opportunity, and I am so glad I was able to jump at the chance to paint with her. And I was able to meet artists who I had been in online art classes with…it was like a reunion!

I’ve taken two of Jeanne-Marie’s online classes, Tiny Bags of Love (the one that got me into the tea bag obsession!) and The Art of Hands. Both of these classes were wonderful!

We painted tea bags to warm up, in this Intuitive Portraits class, and then went on to larger paintings. I was traveling to the class, so brought a few Feather Lite panels from Raymar. They have a wonderful canvas surface, but on a very lightweight panel.

The two days of painting with this amazing group of artists, will be something I keep with me for a very long time.

Here are a few process photos.

This is about as far as I was able to get in class. I brought her home and finished with a couple more layers a few days later.

She is now varnished and available in my Etsy shop, ArtcyLucy.

If you are in Southern California, the fun-loving and sweet, Kara Bullock has some wonderful art classes at her studio. Check out her in-person classes here. And her many online classes here! You won’t be disappointed! There are other artists who teach on her art network as well. Classes are easy to follow and affordable.

 Jeanne-Marie Webb will soon be back in her country, but she offers online classes here. She’s an inspiring artist…with a kind and gentle way of teaching.

These two teachers have really impacted my art growth in the last year! And for that, I am so grateful!

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